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Sheffield Craft Market

What a great day meeting the public at the Sheffield Craft Market, inside the Millennium Gallery.  It was my first time showing at this one and I wasn’t disappointed.

As always I made copious notes on how things were going on an hour by hour basis, I just haven’t had time to cut and paste it yet… Suffice it to say it was a reaalllllllly long day, up at 6am due to the snow causing road closures.

The highlight was probably the guy with his girlfriend who explained that he never buys art, but he was passing and saw my experimental “bacteria” layered framed print (it’s like a large version of my bacteria coaster, but in colour and 3D).  He said he felt compelled to buy it as he’d never seen anything like it and loved it.  Well, you can’t get much better a reaction than that so I was pleased.  I hope he was too.